This curriculum packet is the perfect partner for Melody’s Song and the City of the Voice Snatchers. It walks students through the various social and emotional learning topics addressed in the book, so reading it becomes so much more than just a fun, imaginative reading experience. 

These materials are perfect for use any time of the year. They focus on topics relevant to students at all times, and the added benefit is that these materials help facilitate discussion about current critical topics. Having an inclusive, safe environment in which to process such personal topics helps promote the wellness of students as well as civic social discourse between people outside of the classroom. 

This Social -Emotional Learning curriculum includes:

  • 1 Melody's Song & The City of the Voice Snatchers Teachers Book Companion

  • 20 Book Classroom Set "Melody's Song and the City of the Voice Snatchers"

  • 1 Facilitator's Guide 

  • 8 Modules, 40 Lessons, Activities & Worksheets

    • Optimistic Thinking

    • Responsible Decision Making

    • Self-Awareness

    • Social Awareness

    • Personal Gifts/Talents

    • Self-Management

    • Relationship Skills

    • Emotional Awareness

    • Reading &Writing

      • Inferences

      • Reading Fluency

      • Reading Accuracy

      • Reading Comprehension

      • Drawing Conclusions

      • Author's Purpose

      • Retelling

    • Critical Thinking

    • Personal Gifts/Talents

    • Overcoming Barriers

    • S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    • Implementing Actions

    • Empowering Others

    • Identity

    • Research

  • Additional Activities Include:

    • Pretest for SEL Objective

    • Post-Test for SEL Objective

    • Melody's Song Pretest - Comprehension

    • Melody's Song Post-Test Written Essay

    • Melody's Song Post-Test Comprehension

    • My Inferences Activity Sheet

    • Visualization Activity Sheet

    • Bully Profile Activity Sheet

    • All Kinds of Adjectives Handout

    • S.M.A.R.T. Goals Activity Sheet

    • Bubble Map Activity Sheet

    • Timeline Activity Sheet

    • Song Lyrics

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