Party Activities:

Story Telling- Our Fairy will read an interactive story from one book of your choice in our special Melody's Song book series.

Dancing- Our Fairy will lead guests in learning a choreographed princess dance followed by a performance (simplified version available for younger princesses). 

Face Painting- Each guest will pick a simple design for our Fairy to paint on their cheek or hand.

Games- Choose three games led by our Fairy. Games for all ages!

Manicures- Each guest gets to pick out one magical color of choice from our Fairy polish treasure chest for our Fairy to paint.

Make-Up- Each guest gets to pick out one dazzling eye, cheek and lip color for our Fairy to apply.

Photo Session- For large events only. (All birthday party guests get one picture with the Fairy Queen Maestro with each of your guests as well as a group shot. Photos can be taken by your own camera or will be emailed if taken on ours.

Beautiful Photos